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Steven Landert
Dear Manager: • Do you need your Food Safety Manager Certification, but don’t have time to get it? • Don’t want to devote a whole day to attending a food safety seminar, review, and then take the test? • Afraid you may not pass the test, and then pay another fee to take it again? • Unable to find a class and testing that will work around your schedule? • Not sure if the certification is approved for the State of Florida? • Pandemic got you spooked? Don’t want to leave your store? My name is Steven Landert, owner of SCL Services (founded in 2001). It is a company that specializes in coming to your location and administering the state of Florida approved Prometric® Manager Food Safety Certification class and testing. As well as being a former instructor for the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, I have 20+ years’ experience in the restaurant industry. I offer a service that comes out to your location, gives you a 1½ hour PowerPoint present
Kathy Chapel
I’m wondering if you have any discounts or any coupons available ?
Price has gone up service gone down food is not that good waitress was rude we pd for dinner she kept saying it is dinner now I said three times we know we paid for dinner ...which is very little difference than lunch.. We paid for dinner, We eat one plate only (unlike some 3 to 4 plates...some people mess it up for all). We will go to a sit down where they serve you next time this place us not for us.
Mary L Divelbliss
Are you open for business yet? What precautions are you taking for Covid-19? Is your menu the same as before the epidemic?