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Brandie Manseau
My problems were with the staff, my husband and I don't appreciate being yelled at by one of your sushi makers because we asked him to make a roll with no seaweed just the sticky rice for our 8 year old daughter. She has special needs and really has issues trying new foods, so when she asked to try this and was excited by it just to be let down. My other issue was at our table, we got our initial drinks and no one ever came back to ask if we wanted a refill. There was one young waiter who cleaned our plates off the table and i asked him for refills but never returned. When it was time for the check we didn't get one until i had to go find the woman who was serving us in the kitchen talking with the other servers.. im extremely upset with my visit and this was a waste of our 60 dollars.
Paul Boroski
Do you still use MSG in your food? very unhealthy
Marjorie Prutzman
Our Villages Ladies Group has a monthly dinner. Can your restaurant accommodate 20-25 women on a Friday night at a single table at about 5:50 PM? Can you provide separate checks for us? Also, does your buffet price include beverage? If so, how long before the event do I need to make a reservation? Please reply back by email Thank You