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I have been to this place 10 times. However, the last 3 will be MY LAST. The reason: service, and the idiot guy that's seats guest. He us rude, COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL, and has the personality of a cold sore. He dresses as if he is doing yard work, or leaving the beach. If the owner feels, this is what the want to be the first impression of their business then they will not keep customers for the long haul. I heard this guy talk to people rude and with an "I don't care if you eat here" attitude. There are cutlets places to eat and I will spend my $ elsewhere. I will tell EVERYONE I know to stay away, and EVERYONE of my coworkers at lake County Schools to avoid this unprofessional rude person
Customer service was horrible the guy at the front is very rude. I've been there 4 times and each time it's the same with him. I will never take my family back there.
Necole lowery
My family loves the buffet. From the raw and hibachi to crawfish and potstickers. Great prices also.
June Craft
Good Price for what you get and you even get Stir Fry dishes.