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Denise Louise
We visited your buffet tonight and were very impressed. The atmosphere was lovely and the food, especially the sushi, was delicious . I am delighted to see that you have seaweed pockets as well. Your establishment is clean and your staff is friendly and efficient we will definitely be back .
Carol Harmon
Before heading to Ichiban with my out-of-town, guests, I checked on the internet for lunch times. It clearly says lunch is until 4:00 PM. SO why when we walked in at 3:32 did we have to pay dinner prices. If you don\'t want patrons to eat you dinner menu, why not put it in a special part of the restaurant and mark it for dinner only. We felt cheated because by the time the dinner selections came out, we were full of the lunch menu items!! Good food and service but a real ripoff!!!!!
Very nice. Except the Hibachi chef. VERY VERY RUDE.
Marie Phillips
Huge Buffet! Very nice! Always busy and great service!