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anna Butler
I asked for the hibachi chef to wash his hands multiple times and then the manager proceeds to inform me that there is a sink in the back where the employees can watch their hands. There is a sink behind the grill all the chef had to do was turn around and wash his hands instead he continued to take my plate and started cooking my food i then asked the manager to have him wash his hands she did not make him do so. She continued to yell at me for unknown reasons. NO \"professional manager \" would have made a scene in front of a restaurant full of customers. I then was truspassed from the restaurant for asking the chef to wash his hands since we have an eboli breakout i don\'tknow how I was in the wrong.
BEST Buffet I have eaten in a long time. Employee\'s hardworking,clean environment and excellent selection. Donna the manager is a gem, very professional with a wonderful touch of kindness.
Lili Hyatt
Let me just say your flavors are delicious I have been back in the mainland since 85 and have never found a restaurant in 7 differnt states i have lived nor all the ones i have traveled in have found a restaurant with flavor so right have become our #1 restaurant ...we do not care that much for American Cuisine because we can cook it at home..and the wait staff was wonderfully natured and on top of drinks...Thank you so much for a wonderful meal...this is a blessing wish you had come many years ago!!! Thank you so much, The Hyatt Family
Maxine, so essentially you expected not to pay for the child because you obviously didn\'t feed them enough? So your going to take it out on the lady that\'s simply protecting the profits of the company she works for? For you to insinuate that Donna was in the wrong is ludicrous. Pay for the child meal and there wouldn\'t have been an issue. Stealing is Stealing own your mistake and don\'t blame others that are doing their job.